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Sasil Dream Homes Designs and Builders Pvt Ltd is a leading house design and construction company in Sri Lanka and covers a range of architectural designs, estimations and constructions of extraordinary houses, building and all types of structures.

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We design and build all our constructions considering the best scientific methods as well as astrological, social and cultural influences on the location, client and the final structure. Get an idea of your future home with our sample interior and exterior designs. tube wells sri lanka


It was amazing to have a wonderfully finished home and the service offered by Sasil Dream Homes was excellent. And it was great to have a true Sri Lankan construction company to do the job.

It was quick, easy and very flexible working with Sasil Dream Homes and the renovation project was done with much less complications. Well Done Sasil!….

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We Are Creative

As a leader in our industry, we have always worked to develop advanced technology and innovative methods. tube wells sri lanka

We are Professionals

All our team members are qualified professionals in their each fields and that’s the key of our success.

Honest And Dependable

Our expert teams are selected specifically for each client, and they are highly trained, using ingenuity to solve problems creatively.

Quality Commitment

We let our quality work and commitment to customer satisfaction be our slogan.

We Are Always Improving

We strive to meet the needs of the world today without jeopardizing the needs of the world tomorrow. tube wells sri lanka

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අපගේ සේවාවන් | 𝗢𝗨𝗥 𝗦𝗘𝗥𝗩𝗜𝗖𝗘𝗦 ගෘහ නිර්මාණ සැලසුම්කරණය – Architectural designing ව්‍යුහාත්මක සැලසුම්කරණය – Structural designing 3D ආකෘති නිර්මාණය සහ දෘශ්‍යකරණය – 3D modeling and visualizing ඇස්තමේන්තු සකස් කිරීම – Preparation of estimates අභ්‍යන්තර සැලසුම්කරණය – Interior designing භූමි අලංකරණය – Landscaping සිවිල් ඉංජිනේරු සේවා – Civil engineering services උපදේශන සේවා – Consultancy services අපගේ […]

Small House Designs for 1,500,000/= Only!

Small house designs from Sasil Dream Homes. It’s only Rs. 1,500,000/= for everything. 2 Bedrooms Kitchen Bathroom Living Room 1 Story House with 600sqft Limited Offer. Reserve your order soon. Call now: 0117 900 777 0777 666 510 0717 666 510 info@sasildreamhomes.com

House design Colombo Sri Lanka, Sasil Dream Homes, Architecture designs, drawings and house constructions It’s time to have your dream home!

A great opportunity is near by for all you who are willing to get built your homes soon…